Meet Jane Heffernan

Dr. Heffernan is looking forward to joining your class. In preparation please watch this video of Dr. Heffernan introducing herself, the work she does, and why she enjoys the field of mathematics so much. We’ve also provided some pre-lesson worksheets and post-lesson activities for your class.

Teacher Resources

Dr. Heffernan will be speaking about different topics depending on your selection and the grade level.


Fractals and Math in Nature (Grades 4 - 6)

This workshop will be looking at patterns in nature. 

Students should have an understanding of patterns in numbers, and what a repeating pattern is. 

Math Modelling (Grades 6 - 8)

This workshop will look at Dr. Heffernan’s work in math modelling, specifically in disease modelling with a focus on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students should have an understanding of how data is collected and represented, specifically on line graphs.

An understanding of line of best fit and exponential growth would also be beneficial.

This video on Scatterplots and Slope may also be useful:

Select Curriculum Connections

  • use knowledge of numbers and operations to solve mathematical problems encountered in everyday life
  • identify, describe, extend, create, and make predictions about a variety of patterns, including those found in real-life contexts
  • demonstrate an understanding of variables, expressions, equalities, and inequalities, and apply this understanding in various contexts
  • apply the process of mathematical modelling to represent, analyse, make predictions, and provide insight into real-life situations
  • manage, analyse, and use data to make convincing arguments and informed decisions, in various contexts drawn from real life
  • describe the likelihood that events will happen, and use that information to make predictions