Elementary / Secondary Programs

Courses Now Available!!!

After months of hard work, feedback sessions with educators, and some fantastic updates to our interactive content, our first three courses are now ready for educators at all stages (including pre-service and in-service teachers, math coaches, principals, and more). 

Our current courses include:

  • Operations – Part 1
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Finanancial Literacy
  • With more on the way…

To learn more about the courses and register check out our Course Information page.

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The Fields Institute is proud to offer two main programs for elementary classrooms and educators: (1) Ask a Mathematician: brings math experts live into the classroom (virtually) to talk to students about what they do and spread the joy of mathematics. (2) Teacher programs including Foundational modules (for teachers looking to boost their math skills and dive into why the math we teach works the way it does) and Enrichment modules (for teachers who want to learn new and interesting math facts they can bring back into their classroom). We are also working on some large scale programs for students, additional static content on our website, and resources to help educators learn and teach math. If you are interested in being contacted when new programs become available please fill out this form. We are also looking for individuals who might be interested in helping us create/present materials. Please feel free to send this form to anyone you feel might be interested and you are welcome to reach out to Pamela Brittain, Academic Coordinator at [email protected] for more information.
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Upcoming Events

Fields Math Circles

Have you noticed that 1 has one factor, 10 has four factors, and 100 has nine factors? Does this pattern continue, and why? Or have you noticed – maybe from Prime Climb – that 48 is three times a square number, 49 is a square number, and 50 is two times a square number? Are there other places where a multiple of a square is next to another square?

In the Fields Math Circle, we investigate questions like this with small groups of high school students working collaboratively and guided by mathematicians and math educators. Students practice doing math like mathematicians: looking for patterns, making conjectures, finding counterexamples, and constructing proofs.

Students need not be “traditionally strong” at school math, but they need to be willing to ask questions, get stuck, and explain their thinking.

Sessions are run weekly, IN-PERSON at the Fields Institute (222 College St, Toronto), for two hours on Saturday afternoons or evenings.

Sessions start on January 6th and run until June 22nd (with rolling enrolment).

Interested students should have their parents register using the button below.

Our Current Programs

Elementary Educator Courses

Boost your math skills with one of our foundational courses or expand your knowledge with one of our enrichment classes

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Ask a Mathematician

Virtual visits from mathematicians to your classroom

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A Bit of Fun

Teacher Resources

Science Literacy Week 2022

Check out our interactive poster for this year’s Science Literacy Week where the theme was “M is for Mathematics” – how could we resist!

Earth Day Poster

For Earth Day (2022) we created an interactive poster showing how math modelling can be used to explore our planet and ways to help it.

Teacher “Cheat Sheets”

Named after formula sheets and resources we give our students to help them succeed, these resources are designed to help you reinforce and support concepts you may be teaching.

Student Videos

Here you will find a number of short animated videos aimed at students that teach concepts such as modular arithmetic, fractals, prime numbers and more.

Check out the videos

Learn More About the Fields Institute

Other Programs of Interest

The Fields Institute offers/supports a number of other programs that might be of interest to math educators:

    • Math Circlesopen to students in grades 7 – 12, these weekly meetings explore interesting math problems and concepts. The group meets once per week on Saturdays, IN-PERSON at the Fields Institute (if you cannot attend in person but are interested please register and we may consider online sessions in the near future). 
    • Math Ed Forum: meeting on the last Saturday of each month (Sept – Nov, Jan – April), this program brings together math researchers and math educators to talk about issue affecting mathematics education. Talks are offered in-person and virtually and are free to attend. Talks are also recorded for viewing later or if you missed a talk – there is also a large archive of these talks available.
    • Fields Medal Symposium: each year Fields welcomes a Fields Medal winner to give a series of talks on their work. One of these talks is aimed at the general public and another is a student night, designed to make a Fields Medalist and their work accessible to students.
    • YouTube Fun: you can also check out some fun videos we’ve put together on YouTube by scrolling through the Fields Academy playlist, along with What the Numbers Say, and Behind the Numbers. There are also videos associated with each of the Fields Medal Symposiums there as well (they are broken up by year so you’ll have to search a little).
    • Fields Notes: A bi-annual newsletter features articles and information on the many programs taking place at the Institute. It also addresses issues of interest to readers, including many on mathematics education and opportunities for getting involved.
    • Caribou Math Contest: Caribou is an online educational platform offering math learning resources and competitions for students from the start of Elementary School to the end of High School.
    • Math Outreach at UofTthe Math Department at the University of Toronto offers a number of programs aimed at students in grades 3 – 12.