The Elementary Educator Courses are designed to help elementary teachers and teacher candidates boost their math skills. 


We have a variety of courses to offer. Most are offered as self-paced, online courses with opportunities to interact live with the instructor.

Courses are divided into two groups: Foundational (F) and Enrichment (E)

Foundational courses are designed to boost basic math skills found in the elementary Ontario math curriculum. 

Enrichment courses are designed to give educators insights into new areas of mathematics not typically found in the curriculum. 



The cost for these courses will be between $15 – $30, with discounts available for teacher candidates. Once courses are formalized and listed prices will be posted for each course.

Current Courses (or Coming Very Soon)

We currently have 4 courses opening soon for registration:

    • Operations – Part 1 (F): explore the four main operations (+, -, x, /) across whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and negative numbers
    • Mathematical Modelling (F): mathematical modelling is part of the math curriculum from grades 1 – 6, but isn’t well defined in the curriculum. This course looks at understanding what a mathematical model is, how to create one, and how to interpret information presented to you
    • Financial Literacy (F/E): this course thoroughly explores concepts in financial literacy including how money systems work, taxes, making a budget, and more. 
    • Proofs and Logic (E): see how the foundations of logic are applied to mathematics and the world around us and learn the concepts behind various different methods of proof.

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Mailing List

Mailing List

The Fields Institute is proud to offer two main programs for elementary classrooms and educators: (1) Ask a Mathematician: brings math experts live into the classroom (virtually) to talk to students about what they do and spread the joy of mathematics. (2) Teacher programs including Foundational modules (for teachers looking to boost their math skills and dive into why the math we teach works the way it does) and Enrichment modules (for teachers who want to learn new and interesting math facts they can bring back into their classroom). We are also working on some large scale programs for students, additional static content on our website, and resources to help educators learn and teach math. If you are interested in being contacted when new programs become available please fill out this form. We are also looking for individuals who might be interested in helping us create/present materials. Please feel free to send this form to anyone you feel might be interested and you are welcome to reach out to Pamela Brittain, Academic Coordinator at pbrittai@fields.utoronto.ca for more information.
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